About Me


I am a professional photographer providing images for the editorial, commercial and corporate markets.

Photography is my best way of expression. I’m very much engaged in technical development of my photography as well as in researching new ways of artistic expression through my photos.

I have experienced working in different types of environment and my personal view is particular and effective. I live in Venice, but I tend to work all around Italy everywhere I am requested to.
My character is completely revealed through raw images, as Descartes “Cogito ergo Sum“.

This is a crucial element in my photographic work, I strive to come up with new ideas and angles to capture outstanding illustrations of every day life. I am experienced in portraying city life and aspects of rural culture which are fast disappearing. I try to bring my unique perspective on a variety of topics.

My clients includes:

Awakening Biennal Art for Gettyimages
The Guardian /Geo /Privat Hart/Equiter Galante/Paraguay Pavillion/Larus Miani/Zanetti Group/Camelot/Expo Nova/Foscarini/Dpdanmark/Museo Correr Venezia/Art-De/Canvas/Hotel Continental/Luisa Cerano GMBH/Havaianas/Korean Pavilion/EIUC